Monday, January 6, 2014

Is Cecil County Better off Today?

Letter to the Editor
Cecil Whig

The Cecil County Executive is holding a Town Hall on Monday, January 6 at 6:30 pm in the County Administration Building.   On the anniversary of switching to Charter, this is an opportune time to discuss if Cecil County is better off today than a year ago.

 Cecil County holds the record for the most attempts at Charter.  Why was it voted down so many times before?  Many were concerned with the amount of power provided the County Executive. 

 And for good reason.  Since taking office , the County Executive (1) increased our long term debt by $70 million reaching our highest long term debt of $210 million,  (2) Removed a member of the Ethics Commission because they serve at the County Executive's sole discretion, (3) Switched her party affiliation from Republican to unaffiliated to control filling her own vacancy on the Council circumventing the Republican Central Committee.  If you attend a Council Meeting, you will find that 3 of the members are in lock step with the County Executive which allows her and the Cecil Business Leader Lobby to run Cecil County.  

So on the one year anniversary of Charter Government, we should consider is Cecil County better off today then it was a year ago?  Were the promises made by the Friends of Charter to be cost neutral and more efficient correct?   Better yet, what can we do to improve our government process to make it more transparent, accountable and fiscally responsible for the future?