Thursday, August 2, 2012

Toll Plan Bad for Business

While the revision of the toll increase plan accommodated the commuters and two-axle vehicles, everyone else doing business or recreating in Cecil County with three or more axles will see substantial increases at the Hatem Bridge due to the phasing out and eventual elimination of the discount coupon program. For example, a three-axle truck currently costs $3.20 per trip with the coupon book, on Jan. 1, 2012 it increases to $4.80, on July 1, 2012 to $7.20, on Jan. 1, 2013 to $10.80, and on May 31, 2013, the coupon books expire, increasing the cost to $16 per trip. That's $3.20 to $16.00! The toll increase will be counter productive to the goals and objectives of creating and sustaining jobs in this region and is definitely not "reasonable" as a state delegate recently claimed. I encourage all businesses impacted by these toll increases to attend and comment on how their businesses will be impacted at the Maryland Department of Transportation Meeting, scheduled at the Administration Building for Nov. 4 at 2:30 p.m.